Trade Video for Canadian High Commision

I was asked to help with the post production of a trade video that one of my photo friends was asked to produce. We ended up shooting an extra interview and spent a couple days filming time-lapses around town. Overall the message and pace of the 5 minute video holds up.

Thagaconnect launch

The past few months, i’ve been working with a few trailing partners and have started a network called Thagaconnect. Our goal is to connect short term contract jobs from international organizations with expat spouses/partners who are living locally in the country where the work needs to be done. We officially launched our site last week.

Just plain dead web series

While back in San Diego visiting family, I had the opportunity to DP a web series for a good friend of mine, Emily Manthei. The web series called ‘just plain dead’ is about a private eye who most solve a kidnapping. The style is Film Noir/ Camp.
She filmed the pilot episode over a year ago and in January with the help of a small kickstarter, Emily was able to produce the rest of the episodes.
Here is the series:

We had a wonderful 3 day shoot in LA. It was nice shooting with professional actors, crew and have access to real lighting and grip equipment.

The web series is currently on episode 5 with each new episode rolling out every week or two. I think there are 8 in total…

Checkout to learn more about the project.

A quick day in Kruger

We hung out this weekend in White River, South Africa. We stayed at a wonderful self catering place called Mallard Cottage. On Saturday, we ventured into Kruger park through the Phabeni gate. This was our first time driving through this portion of the park. The weather was overcast and cool. The paved road (S1) proved to be awesome for Rhino and a few of the regulars, but no cats. We took a side road that followed the river and we ended up seeing nothing… That is how it is in Kruger…Some days you see everything on a certain road, other days only impala…


Anyway, after the jump are a 3 of my other favorites, quickly color corrected for your viewing pleasure. Read more

Portrait session with Colin and Erin


Last week, I shot a quick set of portraits for our friends Colin and Erin. We went to a few new places around town as well as the fishing village north of Costa Del Sol. It is an easy spot to reach that is far enough away from town where you won’t be hassled and the boats make for a terrific background. After the jump are three of their favorites.

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1Fest at French Cultural Center


I shot some video and took some photos of the 1fest dance performance at the French Cultural Center on Thursday. I am still working on the video, but after the jump are three of my favorite slow shutter photos of Hodi Maputo Afro Swing’s performance. Enjoy! Read more

Halloween Photos

This year, some friends of ours and us decided to do a Star Wars theme with the kids for Halloween. Ollie went as Luke, I of course went as his father… Darth… Angie went as a Jedi. We won best group outfit… Cause who could resist a toddler version of Luke, Leia and Han Solo!



Three more pics after the jump. Read more

Swing and African Dance at Gil Vicente Video

Last night I went to Gil Vicente to shoot some video of Hodi Maputo Afro Swing and the Harlem Hot Shots. They are putting on a dance festival this week in Maputo.

I shot this footage with a borrowed D600 and Sigma 50mm F1.4. I used a black and white camera profile I really enjoy the look of. The edit was really fast.


Photos from Angkor Wat

I was going through an old hard drive and came across some of my Angkor Wat photos from our last trip before leaving Cambodia. I was excited that the sky wasn’t overcast. I shot these on a tripod and converted to black and white in Photoshop.


After the jump are a few more of my favorites. Read more

Masana light painting video

Today, I had the opportunity to film some American school and Mozambican street kids at a drop in center called Masana in Maputo. Working together they created light painting photographs. Here is a quick video of their experience. I hope you enjoy